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From Vision to Action

From Vision to Action... Making that wish for children a reality

LIBA has been implementing the Learning Companion (LeC) project since 2012. LeC ensures that schools are safe, healthy and learner friendly and this provides LIBA with a lot of time to interact with children, teachers and parents.

Learning Companion is and continues to shape the work of LIBA by ensuring that learners from humble backgrounds look forward to going to school, being in school, remaining in school and completing school. Learn! Foundation has provided financial and on-site support to LIBA to continue reaching out to over 500 children in rural Kilifi, Kenya.

It is during this interaction that LIBA saw more learning and developmental gaps which were not being addressed in everyday’s schools program

  1. Children had difficulty managing their time over the school holiday and on weekends because they were not under any adult supervision. Parents spent long working hours in the farms and in the quarries so that they could bring food home at the end of the day. Children have ended up in bad company and bad influence
  2. Children were struggling to communicate in English, do simple Math, had a low self esteem and there was general lack of interest and motivation to go to school, remain and complete school.
  3. Lack of food at home makes child concentration and learning difficult. Many children come from single parent families and some were orphaned by HIV/AIDS at very tender age so they have been left under the care of older family members who cannot work and feed them. They therefore rely on well wishers to eat.
  4. In school, the focus is on completion of syllabus and passing exams and not in whole person development. Schools generally lack enrichment programs that motivate children to go to school.
  5. There is also general lack of exposure as most children have not left their villages and therefore they seem to have a very different world view of their surroundings.