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Every Girl… Campaign

It supports women and girls enjoy their lives with dignity and respect. We provide sexual and reproductive health education and we ensure that there is no more week of shame (NO MORE WEEK OF SHAME, PER!OD) by providing re-usable sanitary napkins to girls and women to ensure that they remain in school and women can fend for their families without fear of embarrassment , interruption or a feeling of indifference.

Re-usable sanitaty napkins

LIBAs Every girl…Campaign got a boost this year when Hermien volunteered her 6 weeks while in Kenya to train us on how to make Reusable Sanitary Napkins. Girls and women who can afford disposable sanitary napkins spend at least Ksh 1000 (9 USD/10 Euros ) per year. Those who cannot afford the disposable napkins, miss 4 days of school every month. When girls and women receive their periods, it should not be a week of shame or a time of withdrawal but it should be a sign of good health and dignifying.
LIBA will give an annual pack for Ksh 200 (2.5 USD/2 Euros ) thus helping those at the bottom of the pyramid to live in dignity.