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Weekend Inclusive and School Holiday (W.I.S.H)

Making that wish for children a reality

This is an out-of school program for primary school learners in class Six and seven and is anchored in three plateaus of learning - Identify, Learn and Be heard where holistic learning is stimulated through exposure to different developmental and learning experiences.
This approach digs deep into the social, academic and political fabric where children identify issues of concern to them and use research to find out more. The goal of W.I.S.H is to develop skills children require for learning, living and working. Specifically, it hopes to

  1. add value to classroom learning and academic excellence
  2. amplify the voices and increase spaces for dialogue for those most marginalised.

LIBA added a three-tiered mentoring model that focused on training in effective communication, public relation & mentorship to prepare children for this interesting but complex and fulfilling journey of learning through research.